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Welcome R.B. Remedies Pvt. Ltd.


"Quality, Commitment and ethics are three pillars of our organisation."

Aware that quality ia a preconditon for business success and a key to competitiveness and productivity. We maintain the highest standards of quality; the product shall meet relevant internal and pharmacopoeial standards and the statutory requirements. in addition, the company shall ensure that allthe steps involved in the design, development and manufacture in the product lead to the intended level of quality performance in the market. This commitments to quality requires us to ensure that our facility is geared up to provide the right environment, that our operation procedure products under specified conditions, that our personnel are trained and quality conscius, that our products designed with built-in quality, that our packaging provides the requisite security and cosmetic appeal and that our products provide complete customer satisfaction.

Vision & Mission
"Our Vision is to be a leading pharmaceutical company by providing high quality, affordable and innovative solutions in medicine".

Our Mission is to discover, fevelopment and successfully market the pharmaceutical products to prevent, diagnose, and cure diseases.

Our entire efforts are towards providing total customet satisfaction through excellence in technology and services. Our ultimate aim is "Whatever we do it should be beneficial to all the people, socirty and nation"

About Us
We are glad to introduce ourselves as one of the best Pharmaceutical company well equipped with all facilities.

We are committed towards excellence
We are one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in india

We markets numerous important prescription drugs that improves, prolongs and saves the lives of patients. having all the four section like Tablets, Capsules, Liquids & Ointment / External preparations in non-beta lactam segment which covers almost all the therapeutic segments.

We are a reliable healthcare partner which is not only committed to develop the innovative technologies but also provides the best services to medical fraternity across the country thereby improving the quality of patient's life & helping them to normal happy and active life.

Operating Module for Contract Manufacturing
Our Systematic monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects ensure the best standards of quality.

We provide products and services of highest quality for total customer satisfaction.

We stricly ensure Quality Control Specification and test procedures for raw materials, Inprocess/finished products & final products.

We follow through SOPs

We ensure Calibration & Validations

We ensure Documentation Control

We also ensure continuous training and upgrading the knowledge of quality observance.

Quality Control
Quality Control is one of the fundamental and significant pillars of our company. We take sincere and calibrated efforts to ensure that our products have top class quality, safety andefficacy.

Our manufacturing process complies with GMP standards

Advanced state-of-the-art equipments are used to ensure highest technological and quality standards till the dispatch of finished goods.

We would like to be known as a company that helps to define quality standards.

Every drug is explored to its last particle with state-of-art-quality control instrumentation to formulate a medicine that reflects efficacy and safety.


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